Marantz 2325 - SOLD

Marantz 2325

We specialize in restoring mid century vintage analog audio amplifiers, receivers and turntables, as well as servicing a small selection of modern analog audiophile amplifiers and turntables.  

Your time is valuable, so we suggest that you contact us before your make the trip.

Many questions are answered in our Audio Service FAQ

Please note that we do not service tape decks, all-in-one units, portables, car audio, consoles, audio video receivers and amplifiers, disc players, or any other digital audio equipment.  Chances are that if it has a digital display and a remote, it’s not something we work on. If you’re not sure, just call or come by.

Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

We have many years of experience servicing vacuum tube audio by McIntosh, ARC, Conrad Johnson, VTL, and many more.  For more information, check out our vacuum tube audio FAQ.  

Speaker Service

We no longer service speakers.  We suggest TexaSound.  We have used their services for years.


We always use parts that meet, and more often exceed manufacturers specifications.  The majority of amplifier designs are best left as is.  We do however perform several upgrades, including replacing the non polar elec. capacitors in Marantz receiver tone circuits.  This results in a significant performance improvement.  For years, we have strongly resisted LED illumination, due to the often gaudy change in appearance.  Now that we have LED replacements that offer a much closer match to the color of the original lamps.  They are also a little bit brighter than the original lamps.  Really makes the analog dial receivers “pop”.

Sometimes, a modification is the only way to bring back a vintage amplifier or turntable.  A good example is replacing selenium rectifiers with modern silicon diodes in early tube amplifiers.   We now offer a solution for problematic speaker connectors in quite a few 1970’s era amplifiers.

We believe with proper service, mid 20th century components will last well into the 21st century, and quite possibly beyond.

Just some of the brands we have serviced.


ArcamAragon – AcurusAudible Illusions
AccuphaseAdcomAcoustic Research
Conrad JohnsonAudio ResearchBerning
KrellLinn SondekNaim
Musical ConceptsMeridianMusic Hall
KinergeticsHaflerHarmon Kardon
McIntoshMarantzAudio Note
YamahaRotelCalifornia Audio Labs
BrystonNakamichiCary Audio Design
VTLMark LevinsonCello