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What We service

Vintage Receivers and Amplifiers

Pioneer SX 750.jpg

We specialize in the restoration of many vintage era (1960s through early 1980s) amplifiers.  We also restore the amplifier sections in vintage receivers.  We work exclusively on analog units.  No digital tuners, or microprocessor controlled equipment.  


Pioneer PL 530.jpg

We also service many vintage turntables, including those made by Dual, Pioneer, Technics, Yamaha, Kenwood, Linn, Thorens, and many others. Please note that we do not service units with built in amplifiers.  This includes all in one "compact stereos" and consoles.  

We do work on a few modern era tables as well.  We also sell Ortofon phono cartridges, and install them while you wait on most turntables. 




Contact Us Before You Come In 

Call us at 512-451-0408.  Or use our contact form.  If it is a piece of equipment we service, we can sign you up for our waiting list.  You will then be notified when it's time to bring in your equipment.  For turntable cartridge replacements, stop by any time during operating hours.  

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