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Many don't realize that adding a Bluetooth receiver to a vintage amp or receiver is simple.  All you need to do is purchase a compatible Bluetooth receiver, and connect it to the aux input, or a tape input.  Do not connect it to your phono input.  Only a turntable should be connected there.  We typically stock and sell Bluetooth receivers.  

WiFi Streaming


A Bluetooth connection requires that a device, usually a phone, is providing the streaming source.  If you leave the room, or shut off the phone, the music stops.  While the newer versions of Bluetooth do improve sound quality, Bluetooth is a compromise is sound quality.  

Arylic S10

This is a WiFi streaming receiver.  Yes, it can work as a Bluetooth receiver.  More importantly, it can work as a stand alone streaming receiver.  You do need a phone or tablet for setup, but once this is done, you can use the included remote to select music sources and control volume.  The sound quality will be better than a Bluetooth connection, and you can take calls and turn off your phone if you like.  

You can also attach a flash or hard drive with music files, and play them directly from the Arylic.  This device can also play music from a Windows file share, and it has it's own aux input to connect another sound source.  We usually have these in stock and setup for demo.  

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