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Vintage Amplifier Restoration

Vintage amplifiers on their first visit to our shop must go through a complete restoration of the power supply and amplifier stages.  We also replace other components known to fail or degrade over time, including key transistors, and resistors, diodes, etc.  Often as many as 40 to 100 parts or more.  This of course varies by make and model. The parts in the image on the right are from a single amp restoration.  


For receivers, tuner sections receive basic service as needed.  Please note that unlike the amplifier and power supply sections, tuners use components that have no new replacements.  As a result, we may not be able to restore the radio section to full operation.  One solution is to connect a Bluetooth receiver and stream your favorite station from anywhere on earth!  

Capacitors, transistors and other parts replaced during restoration.


Key steps in our process:

  • All electrolytic capacitors in the power supply, preamp and power amp sections are replaced

  • Main B+ caps are tested and replaced as needed

  • Key small signal transistors replaced as needed (Varies by make and model)

  • Model specific components are replaced as needed

  • Lamps are replaced and incandescent lamps upgraded to correct warm color LED where possible. 

  • Circuit boards are hand resolderd as needed

  • Relay contacts are burnished or replaced as needed

  • All controls and switches are cleaned

  • Power amplifiers are biased and balanced

  • The interior and exterior are detailed

  • Each unit is fully tested.

For turntables, recapping also applies to all direct drive, and some belt drive turntables. In addition, turntable service includes the following:

  • Lubrication

  • Hand resoldering

  • Cleaning controls and switches

  • Calibrating speed (where applicable)

  • Replace belts

  • Replace cables (when necessary)

  • Cartridge alignment

  • Bias and balance tonearm

  • Detail in and out

We do not service speakers.  For speaker service, we suggest TexaSound

The parts we use always meet and more often exceed original specifications.  Each completed restoration includes a full 90 day warranty.

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