Donating or Selling Your Stereo Equipment


Austin Stereo gladly accepts donations of amplifiers and turntables and speakers. We have been fortunate in having a number of good hearted patrons who simply want to help us keep our doors open.  You have defintely done so.  Much of this equipment has been restored and is now in a cherished in a new home.  Thank you.  

We buy stereo equipment

Austin Stereo primarily purchases the following items:

  • Analog stereo receivers and amplifiers from the 1950’s to the early 1980’s.

  • Select stereo turntables from 1950's through 1980's and some modern makes.

  • Fine speakers in good condition.  Both mid century and present day models.  

  • Vacuum Tube receivers, amplifiers, preamps, and power amps.

What is my stereo worth?

It is best to contact us before making the trip.

We do not purchase:

  • Surround sound or A/V receivers 

  • Quadraphonic 4 Channel (excluding some Marantz units)

  • Digital audio components, DACs, DSP, etc.

  • Video equipment

  • Portables

  • Car audio

  • CD/DVD players

  • Tape decks (Except select Nakamichi decks)

  • Audio processors, or equalizers.   

  • Jukeboxes

  • Console stereos

  • "All in one” table top stereo systems.  


With a handful of exceptions, if it has a remote control, digital display, Bluetooth, HDMI, WIFI, or any similar feature, we will not be interested in purchasing it.  We will accept these items from clients as a drop off, and will route them to the appropriate recycler.

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