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Donating or Selling Your Stereo Equipment

Selling your stereo equipment to us

Austin Stereo primarily purchases the following items:

  • Stereo receivers and amplifiers from the 1950’s to the early 1980’s.

  • Stereo turntables from 1950's through 1980's and a few modern makes.

  • High quality stereo speakers in good condition.  Vintage to present day​.


How much do we pay?

Just as with a used car, if your goal is to get the maximum price, selling directly to an individual is your best bet.  If you'd be happy with a more modest amount, and the feeling it will find someone new to love it, please contact us. 


Austin Stereo gladly accepts donations of amplifiers and turntables and speakers. We have been very fortunate in having a number of good hearted patrons who simply want to help us keep our doors open.  We are very grateful.  If we can't make use your donation, it will be routed to a suitable recycler.

Local Austin area sellers only!  Sorry, but we do not accept shipped items for purchase.  

Please note, we DO NOT purchase:

  • Surround sound or A/V receivers

  • Receivers with remote control or digital tuners (Some early silver models excepted)

  • Subwoofers / Surround and center speakers 

  • Quadraphonic 4 Channel (excluding some Marantz units)

  • Portables

  • Car audio

  • CD/DVD players

  • Tape decks (Except select Nakamichi decks Revox, Nagra, Technics or Pioneer reel types)

  • Audio processors, or equalizers.   

  • Jukeboxes

  • Console stereos or any furniture based audio

  • "All in one” table top stereo systems.  

Contact us about selling your equipment.  

Thank You - Message Received

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