What is my stereo equipment worth?

A common question.  Usually from someone looking to sell their stereo equipment.  Stereo resale value varies wildly.  From vintage McIntosh tube amplifiers that might be worth thousands, to entry level equipment that may have little or no value.  It also depends whether you are trying to sell to an individual or a dealer.  Just as with a car, if your goal is to get the most money, you will have to sell it directly to an individual.

Almost every vintage piece that we sell must be put through the same restoration process as we do with our customer owned equipment.  The typical receiver restoration takes at least half a day, involves the removal and replacement of an average of fifty parts.  The average retail cost is $400 to $500.  Larger amplifiers and receivers require more work, and can cost as must as $1000 or more.  This of course factors in to what we pay when purchasing equipment.  It should also be taken into consideration by those purchasing vintage audio equipment.

Many clients tell us items like theirs are selling for a high price on eBay.  In fact, they are usually just seeing high asking prices.  Sometimes several times the going price, and the seller is just hoping someone will unwitting pay it.  The only relevant search on ebay is by clicking “sold” on the left hand side, and then search again.  This green prices show you actual sales, rather than asking prices.  As you might expect, the price we pay is going to be a fraction of that number.  You can also check the industry Bluebook values at usedprice.com

If you are willing to accept a modest offering, and the knowledge that your equipment will be renewed and will find a a happy new home is meaningful to you, please contact us.

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