What is my stereo equipment worth?


Stereo resale value varies wildly.  From vintage McIntosh tube amplifiers that might be worth a thousand dollars or more, to modern A/V equipment that often have little or no resale value.  If you'd like to see if we are interested in purchasing your gear, send us a message.  

Selling your equipment directly to an individual

Just as with a used car, if you intend to get the most money, you will need to sell your equipment to an individual.  If you chose to sell directly, you'll need to do some homework.  For some price references, checking sold listings on eBay are probably the easiest guideline to use.  Don't confuse this with asking prices, which often unreasonably high.  Instead, select "sold listings".  Note that unrestored amplifiers and receivers are usually listed as "for parts or repair".  Recapped amplifiers and receivers have significantly higher value.   

You can also check up to five items for free in the Audio Bluebook.  Once you have a price, the options are many.  Craigslist and eBay of course, but there are other options like Audiogon, and US Audio Mart

Selling To Us


The good news is that we don't even expect the amplifiers and receivers to work.  We're going to put them through our restoration process anyway.  The same is true for most turntables.  They just needs to be in reasonably good physical shape.  Missing knobs, bent faceplate corners, engraved identification, hazy dust covers, will all reduce what we can offer.  In some cases, when cosmetic shape is below a certain point, it may not be cost effective to purchase.  In these cases, we are always happy to accept a donation.  Some donations are used for parts.  Those we cannot make use of are routed to someone who can.  

If you are willing to accept a modest offering, and the knowledge that your equipment will be renewed and will find a happy new home is meaningful to you, please contact us.