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McIntosh MAC 4100 Pioneer PL115D Kenwood Super 11 Pioneer SX-737 Mitsubishi DA-C7/DA-A10DV 2018-06-07 15.12.14 Pioneer SX-1250 2018-06-02 17.21.32 2018-05-31 15.18.27 Rega Planer 2 Black Marantz 2220 2018-04-21 16.04.32 Marantz 1060 Audio Research SP-6B Marantz 2250 Pioneer SX-3700 Sherwood S100CP
Mitsubishi DA-C7/DA-A10DV

For over twenty five years, Austin Stereo has provided professional and reliable stereo equipment service and repair to the Austin area.  We’ll make your stereo equipment perform like new.  We’re specialists in analog audio equipment, with extensive experience in exotic solid state and vacuum tube audio.  

We offer a selection of quality vintage stereo equipment at our Austin shop.

We buy stereo vintage amplifiers, receivers, speakers and turntables as well as select modern analog components.

We are turntable experts, and sell new belts phono cartridges and record cleaning kits.  Every phono cartridge includes free mounting and balancing of your tonearm while you wait.  We also have phono pre-amps to allow you to use a turntable with a modern receiver.

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