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Cheap Turntables

Updated: Feb 9

Some will recognize this particular turntable. We cannot tell you how many people have walked in with one of these, complaining it no longer works. Often with one that is two years old or less. This is just one of countless makes and models of cheap turntables. Most on a relatively short path to the landfill.

These plastic novelty turntable are probably ok for a little one's first turntable. Adults should expect more from their vinyl experience. These things don't sound great, and are kinda hard on records.

There are many opportunities out there in vintage turntables. Sure, you probably won't find an Linn or Thorens for cheap, but you probably can locate a Pioneer PL12D or similar for about the same, or at least not much more. You might need a new cartridge, and possibly a belt. Turntables made by mainstream brands before 1980 are typically much more robust. We sell a ever changing selection of certified and guaranteed vintage tables.

As for new turntables. We favor the Rega Planar One. Sure, it's about six times the price of our example. You definitely get what you pay for. These turntables have been produced in England for 50 years, and have a long and solid reputation.

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