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Bluebonnet Audio

The Bluebonnet Texan

This is a custom built modern unit utilizing a vintage Dual automatic turntable made in Germany.  Many customers come to our shop asking for a one piece solution for playing vinyl.  Frustrated with the cheap and junky plastic "fauxnographs", those who want to play records without dedicating a large space no longer have to compromise, or destroy their vinyl in the process.  Bluetooth audio is included as well for playback from your phone or any other compatible music source.

Why choose Dual?  

Dual was ahead of its competitors in several ways.  They were one of the first to utilize a low mass tonearm.  In general, they are well designed, and very reliable turntables.  These were popular units, and many examples were sold over the years.  It is fully automatic, so you never need to touch the tonearm, unless you want to.  Most Dual turntables of this era play not only 33 and 45 rpm records, but will also play 78 rpm records.  

Upgrade Path

The example you see here is finished in oak.  Walnut and cherry finishes, as well as other custom options and upgrades.   If you choose to upgrade to an external amplifier, direct outputs from the turntable may be added for a small fee.  Either direct, or via the internal phono preamplifier.  

Grab your favorite vinyl, stop by our shop and come hear the Texan.  

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