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For us, vintage stereo equipment begins at the dawn of stereo in the mid 1950s up until about 1980. This varies a little, depending on the brand.  The economic crash that followed changed everything.  Most manufacturers switched to using more plastic, especially in turntables.  Receivers and amplifiers were built in a pan or clamshell.  Analog switches and controls were abandoned in favor of proprietary integrated circuits microprocessors, and cheap calculator buttons.  This cut manufacturing costs, but results in making service much more difficult, and often not cost effective.  Unfortunately, sound quality took a dive as well with these early malaise era electronics.  

Now some think all vintage gear is superior to all modern equipment.  While true in some cases, there are many modern examples that are equal or superior.  McIntosh for example, has always produced very high quality equipment.  A bit more affordable example is the turntables and amplifiers made by Rega Research.  The Rega amps and turntables are fantastic. Our benches sport Rega amps as reference units.  

We offer a selection of fully serviced and guaranteed vintage amplifiers, turntables, amplifiers and receivers. Amplifiers and receivers go through an extensive restoration process.  Turntables are fully serviced, including the installation and setup of new phono cartridges. And by the way, you can spend a boatload on a turntable and cartridge.  If it's not setup correctly, you might as well have bought the cheap stuff.  

We offer vintage classic speakers like JBL, Klipsch, AR, KLH, ADS, Advent, and many others.  We typically also have a selection of well kept, recently owned speakers.  We also sell some very nice new speakers from Acoustic Energy.  

Just looking for info on setting up?  Check out our "Vintage Stereo Manual"

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We buy vintage stereo equipment.


Amps an Receivers


A Linn Sondek LP12 Turntable


A set of Sansui Speakers

Please note that we do try to keep the items shown here up to date.  Alas, we don't always meet this goal.  Instead, we spend the time on customer repairs.  Please call to confirm availability.  For more immediate notifications of new gear, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or join our mailing list.  Or, check out our vintage hifi buying guide.  

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