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We offer a selection of fully serviced and guaranteed vintage amplifiers, turntables, amplifiers and receivers. Amplifiers and receivers go through an extensive restoration process. 


Austin Stereo sells​ vintage classic speakers like JBL, Klipsch, AR, KLH, ADS, Advent, and many others.  We typically also have a selection of well kept, recently owned speakers.  We also sell some very nice new speakers from Acoustic Energy and Q Acoustics.  

Just looking for info on setting up?  Check out our "Vintage Stereo Manual"

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We buy vintage stereo equipment.


Amps an Receivers


A Linn Sondek LP12 Turntable


A set of Sansui Speakers

Please note that we do try to keep the items shown here up to date.  Alas, we don't always meet this goal.  Instead, we spend the time on customer repairs.  Please call to confirm availability.  For more immediate notifications of new gear, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or join our mailing list.  Or, check out our vintage hifi buying guide.  

Vintage Audio

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