This example comes with an Audioquest tonearm, and a new Ortofon Turbo MC 1.  This is the SAMA version with the stand alone motor.  Purist Audio Design cables are also included.  


From VPI:


The HW-19 Jr. features a six pound, one inch thick clear acrylic platter with a reflex record clamping system so effective that when the clamp is released, the record stays locked to the platter.

One of the hallmarks of the VPI playback system is proper mating of the record and the platter. Terminating the resonances excited by the stylus/vinyl interface is critical for lifelike reproduction of the low level nuances normally found in live music. In the HW-19 series of turntables, the resonances are terminated without vacuum, pumps, peripheral clamps, etc. Simple yet precise solutions are always the best.



All turntables must be isolated from the outside world. The Jr. uses sorbothane as the isolation material. The sub-chassis is set upon four sorbothane pucks that keep a large percentage of motor noise and acoustic feedback from reaching the platter and cartridge.


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