Vintage Audio Restoration

parts replaced in a repair

These are the original components that were replaced in the routine restoration process of a typical 1970’s receiver.

For vintage amplifiers and receivers, and many turntables, we recommend a full service approach.   Many parts degrade with age regardless of use, and it’s the only approach that makes economic sense.  We refuse to do things half way.

We replace all electrolytic capacitors in the amplifier stage, preamp / tone control board, and power supply.  This is often referred to as recapping.  We clean all controls, switches, and replace other components known to fail or degrade over time, including key small signal transistors, and resistors.  Often as many as 50 parts or more.  This of course varies by make and model.

Lamps are replaced and incandescent lamps are upgraded to color correct warm color LED where possible.  Circuit boards are hand resolderd as needed, relay contacts are burnished, the power stage is biased and balanced, the interior and exterior are detailed, and each unit is fully tested.

The parts we use always meet and more typically exceed original specifications.