Record Players – Turntables (Record Decks)

We offer a selection of fully serviced vintage turntables with a 90 day warranty.  You would need to spend at least $500 on a modern turntable to get something close to a mid century vintage table.  Most modern turntables are manual, but the majority of mid century turntables have auto return, and many mid century turntables are fully automatic.

Prefer new?  We are an authorized dealer for Rega Research.  Featuring the Planar One and Planar Two turntables.  An affordable option for those who prefer a new `table, but are still discriminating about quality and performance.  We also offer the very fine SOTA line of turntables.

Please note that most vintage turntables sell rather quickly these days.  We often don’t even have a chance to put some of them on the website.  If you’re interested in a model you see here,  we suggest calling or contacting us first to confirm it’s still available.

Sorry, but we do not ship vintage turntables.