Vintage Audio

Austin Stereo offers selection of electronically restored and guaranteed vintage audio equipment.  Our goal is to offer vintage gear that performs as new or better.   We stand behind what we sell, and back our equipment with a 90 day warranty.

We are often asked, “where does this gear come from?”.  We purchase select amplifiers, receivers, speakers and turntables from clients.  A smaller portion is donated by kind patrons.  For this, we are very grateful.  It helps keep the doors open.

Please note that we do try to keep the items shown here up to date, but some items pictured here may have been sold.  For more immediate notifications of new gear, follow @austinstereosvc on Twitter, or follow us on Facebook, or join our mailing list.  Or, check out our vintage hifi buying guide.  

We also purchase vintage audio equipment.

Stereo Receivers
Turntables CD and Cassette

We make every effort to keeping our website up to date.  If you are interested in something you see here, we suggest giving a call, or contacting us before making the trip.